This property has approximately 45 acres of land.
Inclusions are:
1. House *furnished* (4 years old)
2. Hanger 100'x 60' Bi-fold doors both ends
3. Runway 4400' x 80' min. Turf
4. Fuel Tank 12k gal. w/ delivery system
5. Garage 24' x 24'
6. 1968  Cessna 172
8. 1997 Extended S10 Pick-up Truck
9. 2010 Honda Fit
10. 23' mower
11. Golf Cart
12. Huge supply of tools, supplies, hardware, etc.
13. Note to all buyers that tools, supplies & hardware are continously being sold, so the sooner you buy the property the more you get.

NOTE: All measurements are best available estimate.

Price: $499,000

House, Hanger & land only for $399,000 

  Contact Numbers:    
Mike Huizenga     803-460-6767             
Juvy Huizenga     803-460-3841          


45+- Acres of land

5+- acres in timber mixed hardwoods and pine.  Another 15+- acres of long leaf and Loblolly pine currently in Government CRP program that pays the taxes.  23+- acres of tillable land that is currently under contract with a local farmer that provides additional income. The runway is 8+- acres and titled to YaHu Inc. for liability purposes.  2+- Acre pond with plumbed inflow and outflow. Plumbed and wired 10HP 3 phase Pump for irrigation of the runway.  Note the plumbing is in from the pond through the pump to the runway. The portion in the runway is not installed but pipe, fittings and sprinkler heads are included. The runway is very smooth well established Bermuda grass and is 4400’ long by 80’ wide at the narrowest.  It is crowned and laid out so water runs off quickly and yet flat enough to make taxi, take-off and landing easy.  Most of the water drains in to the pond for re-irrigation.


House is 4 years old. Custom designed and built on site.  It is approx. 1800 Square feet heated area with 3 Bedrooms and 2 and half baths. Has Extra-large double walk-in shower! and closets in Master bedroom.  2 Large Guest rooms upstairs share a full bath with tub. 
Attic access is available from one of the upstairs bedrooms.  A very large open kitchen, dining and den area with a 23’ vaulted ceiling make the house seem much larger than the actual square footage but you only pay taxes on the 1800 square feet.  Fully functional fire place currently has gas logs installed for convenience.  A 60” Sharp Aquos LCD TV is mounted on the chimney above the fireplace.  Kitchen is completely equipped with all modern appliances including 3 door refrigerator.  Island has pot and pan hanging storage above it with flood lights for the island.  The house was built with a slightly higher than normal crawl space to make maintenance simple and easy and the entire area is covered with white sand and lighted with four flood lights, again, to make maintenance convenient.    The house is supplied with water from either of two wells; is clear, taste good and has no smell; and a system of 3 pumps so you will never be without water.  An auxiliary generator connection is already wired into the house so it is a simple matter of turning off the main and plugin in the generator to run the whole house on generator power.  The generator could be supplied from the 12,000 gallon fuel tank or from the 500 gallon Propane tank depending on your preference.  A full front porch is equipped with 3 outdoor ceiling type fans to cool and keep bugs at bay.  There is a covered walkway from the back door of the house to the Hanger.


Hanger is 100’ long and 60’ wide for 6000 square feet with 40’ bi-fold doors on each end.  The floor is epoxy coated in white to help make the area very bright for any kind of work you would do.  The “red” iron has also been painted white.  The hanger is fully insulated with 6” white faced insulation, so the entire hanger is reflective white inside giving the area a very well lite effect.  A 10 ton heat pump is installed to heat and air-condition the entire hanger.  There are also two 25,000BTU through the wall Air Conditions as well in case you just want to knock the edge off and not run the 10 Ton unit.   Four 200,000 BTU propane heaters suspended in the hanger provide quick heat.  The ceiling has 5 fans to help keep the air mixed so all the heat does not end up in the ceiling and it works very well.  Concrete aprons on both ends provide adequate space for easy entry and exit of the hanger.  An 8’ garage door is located in the south end for auto or truck entry.  Door is included but currently not on tracks. That door also has a personal door built into it and also planters that will pivot as the door goes up to effectively hide the fact that it is a garage door.  The electrical system in the hanger is 3phase 240Volt so high power equipment can be used in there.


A 24’ by 24’ Garage with a 16’ opening is located behind the hanger and the trees for storage and maintenance of the grounds equipment.  The 10 HP 3 phase air compressor is
located there also to supply air to the garage, hanger and tank area.  There is a commercial 6’ mower, 42” yard tractor mower and (6) 5’ trail mowers. Which means that it is possible to
cut a 36’ swath at one time and so cutting the entire runway would take about an hour.  Several chemical spray systems.  Tire maintenance equipment etc. is also stored in the garage.

Tank and Storage

An above ground fiberglass coated 12,000 gallon tank with 4,000 and 8,000 gallon compartments is mounted inside a spill containment structure.  That structure is covered and surrounded with screen to keep the trash out and the area clean.  It is also used to store materials such as lumber and plumbing supplies.  Each of the tank compartments can be filled by its respective 3” quick attach fitting that is plumbed to the front of the containment structure.  An air driven diaphragm pump capable of delivering 30 gallons per minute is also plumbed in such a way as to be able to pump from either compartment.  The diaphragm pump has no rotating parts and seals that could be sources of leaks and has a 10 year warranty on the diaphragms so no worries about fuel spillage or leakage.  The output from the pump goes through 1.5“ steel pipe to the front corner of the hanger where it is filtered and then through a high accuracy fuel totalized and then 60’ 1” fuel approved hose on an automatic reel with 1” automatic shut off nozzle.  This system provides 20 gallons a minute at the output end.  Meaning you can fuel your aircraft in short time.  For convenience the control for the pump is located at the dispensing reel.


The equipment listed is being sold if an acceptable offer is received so be sure to ask what is still available.  In addition to the previously listed equipment the following is also currently included. 1968 Cessna 172 total time 6300 and engine 2430 SMOH but running good and good compressions.  Currently has no radios installed but a complete package has been
purchased and just needs installation.  2010 Honda Fit Sport with 44K miles in excellent condition.  1997 S10 Extended cab pickup with V6 with 112K miles and is in exceptional condition for age.  Clausing 16x72 Lathe, Acra 9X20 Lathe, Huge supply of hand tools, hardware and aviation parts.

Note that every effort has been made to insure the information included here is accurate but a personal review of the items is highly recommended.